Place rooms on the table as the characters explore

We’re launching a Kickstarter for injection moulded dungeon tiles that are going to be manufactured in the USA.

This video  shows how easy it is to play with Rampage OpenLOCK system. The tiles clip together neatly so it allows you to build rooms beforehand so you’re not stuck assembling your dungeon whilst your players get bored waiting. You don’t need cloth or pieces of paper laying over unrevealed parts of the dungeon. Each part can be added on the fly quickly so you can build suspense and surprise your players. Everything is ABS plastic so it’s easy to lift and carry around and sturdy as well.

All the tiles clearly show inch square so it’s easy to know the exact dimensions of your dungeon. This will allow you to play with standard sized roleplaying miniatures you get from most game companies. We are gamers designing for gamers and we understand how roleplaying games work. This is how we want to play.

We will be selling these painted in a style similar to his or unpainted if you want to give it that personal touch.

Kickstarter starts 1st September 2018.



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